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“Crafting Luxury Journeys, Redefining Expectations.”

Welcome to House Of Motorsport – The Agency, where the pursuit of automotive excellence meets the epitome of personalized luxury. We understand that the journey to owning a supercar is more than a transaction; it’s a unique experience tailored to your desires

Our Story:

Founded on the principles of honesty, transparency, and a passion for unparalleled service, House Of Motorsport emerged from a desire to revolutionize the supercar brokerage industry. With a background steeped in successful deal-making across various sectors, our founder recognized a need for professionalism, strategic thinking, and a female touch in an industry often marred by frustrations.

Unveiling a New Standard:

In a world where every supercar tells a story, House Of Motorsport – The Agency is your partner in crafting bespoke narratives. We’re not just brokers; we’re storytellers, weaving tales of automotive elegance and performance.


 What Sets Us Apart:

  • Personalized Concierge Service:
    • Immerse yourself in an exclusive concierge service, offering a bespoke journey from acquisition to customization and beyond.
  • Sustainability at Heart:
    • Embrace the future with our commitment to sustainability, featuring electric and hybrid supercars, making a statement without compromise.
  • Masterclass Training and VIP Access:
    • Elevate your supercar experience with masterclass training sessions and VIP access to premier motorsport events, ensuring you’re not just a spectator but a participant in the lifestyle.


Your Journey Begins Here:

Whether you’re an aficionado of old money elegance or a trailblazer of new money possibilities, House Of Motorsport – The Agency is your gateway to a world where each supercar is a masterpiece, and every client is a friend.

Craft your luxury journey with us, and let’s redefine your expectations together. Welcome to a new era of supercar ownership.

Selling Your Car?

Discover a selling experience like no other with House Of Motorsport – The Agency. Our 5% flat commission fee ensures maximum value, while our seamless process takes care of pre-qualifying, negotiation, and communication with potential buyers. Opt for a private off-market sale with regular transparent updates, putting you in control.

The Network Advantage:

What sets us apart? Our extensive and diverse network of private clients means there’s likely a buyer ready for your vehicle. No waiting—we think creatively, developing personalized strategies to showcase your supercar to the right audience. Your vehicle deserves attention and care, ensuring a successful and smooth sale.

Elevate Your Selling Experience:

Choose House Of Motorsport – The Agency for a selling journey that transcends the ordinary. Your supercar, our commitment to innovation, and a network designed to maximize returns.
Experience excellence in every transaction—your supercar deserves it.

In The Market?

Uncover a world of exclusive supercars with House Of Motorsport – The Agency’s unparalleled sourcing and concierge services. Our commitment to delivering a seamless buying experience is evident in the unique benefits we offer:

Exclusive Access:

With a flat 5% commission fee, we provide access to off-market supercars not available elsewhere. Our extensive network ensures short chains, direct access to sellers, and complete transparency throughout the purchasing process.

Expert Guidance & Communication:

Benefit from thorough due diligence before any vehicle is presented to you. Clear and upfront information on the purchasing process, requirements, and timelines ensures you’re well-informed to make decisions with confidence. We handle all communication and negotiation in line with your brief, budget, and requirements. Regular updates keep you informed, ensuring a personalized and stress-free journey toward acquiring your dream supercar.

Exclusive Events:

Be part of private sale events held throughout the year. Access is restricted and requires approval, providing you with a unique opportunity to explore exceptional supercars.

At House Of Motorsport – The Agency, your quest for the perfect supercar is more than a transaction—it’s an experience crafted for discerning buyers like you. 

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