Join the House Of Motorsport Family

If you’ve landed here the chances are you’re either a broker in another field looking to expand into the luxury automotive field, a current automotive broker looking for new opportunities or an individual who has a love for cars/sales and is interested in breaking into the industry!

No matter which one you fit into, we have a place for you here in our family. We know that joining an agency may seem like a bit of an “out there” concept when it comes to automotive/car brokers. It’s normal and common in the real estate world, yacht world, jet world etc but not so much in this one. So you may be wondering what the benefits of joining our agency would be vs working as an independent on your own.

Benefits of joining us:

  • Work under the banner of a larger organisation
  • Access to our exclusive events and events that HOM gets invited to
  • All paperwork processes taking care of (NDA, LOI etc) – also in multiple languages and verified by local legal experts
  • Work as part of a team and benefit from comms with other HOM brokers
  • Keep shorter chains (which is always more desirable for clients)
  • Wide network worldwide that you can have access to and tap into
  • Access to work on deals for vehicles that are completely off market and prestigious history making deals!
  • Professional training and development – you have already earned your stripes, but everyone can develop their skills more. Through on the job coaching and training sessions like ‘Advanced Negotiations, Influencing Skills, Personal Leadership and Positioning, Luxury selling and Prospecting the UHNW – just to name a few.
  • Full support (this industry is far from plain sailing, sometimes you just need a ear to listen to you vent other times you might need guidance on how to resolve a situation and recover a deal, no matter what you need, the support is there) 
  • Low flat agency fee
    A personalised company email address

Are you a fit for us?

As an organisation of experienced sellers, agents and deal makers, we understand that no 2 people are the same and the strengths that make one person an excellent agent won’t necessarily match the strengths that make another agent equally as excellent. For that reason we don’t have a set criteria that you have to fit into in order to join us. You also don’t need to be a big car “geek” a love for cars is desirable but if you can’t tell us the inner workings of  a 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B, that’s ok we’re not going to hold it against you, mainly because our founder wouldn’t be able to either!

Whether you’re a huge car “geek”, a passionate motorsport fan or someone who just loves the luxury market, we have a space for you.

What we do require you to have is passion, whether that’s passion for cars or passion for sales/making deals, passion is a non negotiable requirement for joining our family. We’re a high energy agency, working in a fast paced high energy industry and without passion you’re going to find yourself floundering and wanting to get a one way ticket out of the industry ASAP!

We do also require you to have the willingness and ability to work with others, we love ambition as much as the next person and every single one of us wants to get the most out of every deal that we do, but we believe in collaboration and we’ve built a large % of our network through working spectacularly well with others.

You also have to be willing to stay within our lines as such and uphold our values. Our founder loves pushing the line as much as anyone else, they’d tell you the reason they are where they are today with the opportunity to invite you in to work as part of their agency is because they pushed lines, but there are always limits. HOM has lines that we ask our agents not to cross, we also ask that all our agents uphold our values. Of course all of this information is shared with you before you’d decide to join us. But we want you to have a picture of what life inside of HOM as a agent would be like.

It isn’t one with rules for every tiny thing that you must adhere too.
It isn’t one where you have to be a certain mold of person and fit inside our specific type of box.
It isn’t one where you have to be a walking encyclopedia for every tiny little fact.
It isn’t one where you’re confined to only working on what we give you access to.

It’s one where you can set your own hours.
It’s one where you can work on sourcing your own deals, opportunities and working on them on your own.
It’s one where you have the freedom to push boundaries, push lines to the limit, discover and strengthen your own strengths that would make you an exceptional agent.
It’s one with unlimited potential on your earnings.

When you join us, you join our family, family is an underpinning value and ethos of the whole HOM brand. We’re a family who’ll support you, guide you and cheer for you. When you win, we all win!

To find out more about joining us please complete the form below and schedule a convenient time to chat with a member of our team, who’ll be able to share more information with you regarding the opportunity, answer any of your questions and if a good fit for both parties discuss how to move things forward.